Breaking Update: More Shocking Jerry Lawler Updates


According to WWE sources, Jerry Lawler flew to Montreal after working several independent wrestling shows over the weekend. He had a very long flight from Aruba to Montreal so it was a brutal travel day for him before appearing on RAW.

A fan at ringside said it appeared Lawler began “snoring” and convulsing before eventually collapsing to the floor. Just prior to that, Lawler could be seen communicating with a ringside employee. Lawler grabbed his arm and turned blue as he fell to the floor, which could be sign of a heart attack or seizure. As noted, numerous EMT’s and WWE doctors rushed to ringside and tended to Lawler immediately. They ripped Lawler’s shirt off and began medical assistance. After they rushed him backstage via stretcher, they performed CPR as they put him into an ambulance and took him to a local hospital.

WWE officials tried to rush everyone away from the scene as they didn’t want their talents to witness what was happening. It was said to have been a very scary scene.

The WWE ring crew cleaned the ringside area as it appeared Lawler vomited prior to collapsing.

As the broadcast concluded at 11:14 p.m. EST, Cole stated that Lawler’s condition had stabilized. “He is breathing on his own. His heart is beating on its own,” said Cole.

He is now being prepared for a CAT scan of his chest and head.

More as we get it.

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