Tony Khan Talks MJF Contract. CM Punk Feud.

Breaking Update On The MJF-AEW Situation


UPDATE: As we previously reported here on eWn, AEW star MJF no-showed his scheduled meet and greet at Saturday’s Double or Nothing Fanfest. The situation is said to be a legitimate one.

According to a report from Fightful, AEW officials are “very unhappy about how it all played out” with the communication between MJF and the company being at an all-time low these days. All of the AEW talent have been told not to comment on the matter for the time being. Additionally, it has not been addressed publicly within the company.

While many people within the company have tried to make contact with MJF and have been unable to do so, he is doing okay. With that being said, it is now known that MJF has booked a flight out of Las Vegas, NV. It’s said to be a redeye flight to Newark, NJ.

As of this writing, there is no word on whether he’ll actually be boarding that plane, which is scheduled to take off in a matter of hours.

Finally, it was added that one fan claims they saw MJF playing slots at Mandalay Bay over the weekend.

Of course, MJF vs. Wardlow is scheduled to take place at tonight’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view event and the storyline has been a focal point on AEW television in recent months.

ORIGINAL: According to multiple reports, MJF did not show up at Saturday’s AEW Double or Nothing Fanfest in Las Vegas, NV despite being advertised. Multiple sources are reporting that this is not a work. He legitimately did not show up for the event and AEW officials have not been able to get into contact with him as of this writing.

Several AEW staff members tried to make up the no-show to fans who paid for MJF autographs and photos by offering meet and greets with several others.

As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, MJF and AEW management haven’t been on the same page in recent months over pay. Additionally, he’s been keeping to himself backstage prior to his segments.

It is said that MJF has between eighteen months and two years left on his current deal. Several sources have stated that AEW management wants to talk to him about renegotiating his current deal, but that has not happened yet.

In the past, the company has renegotiated talent contracts. One example of that is Matt Hardy after his brother Jeff was brought in.

With that being said, MJF has reportedly not been open to sitting down and talking. While some backstage feel he’s been very disrespectful to Tony Khan in this situation, it’s unknown if Khan feels the same way.

Additionally, MJF has been referencing Cody Rhodes, Bruce Prichard and WWE in recent interviews and promos as of late. He’s also been defending WWE on Twitter lately, which has resulted in fuel being added to the fire regarding his unhappiness in AEW.

Most recently, MJF took to Twitter and said ‘F*** this place’ after Tony Khan spoke about him on Thursday’s media call. For those who didn’t see it, Khan was asked about MJF during the call and said that wrestling is more exciting when real life mixes in with what’s on the screen. MJF’s tweet was later deleted.

For what it’s worth, MJF is almost always in character so take that tweet for what it is.

While some will refuse to believe the story is real, similar to the reports of Cody Rhodes jumping ship to WWE (we know how that turned out!), this is not a work by any means.

Story developing ….. stay tuned!

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