As of now, neither WWE nor Brian Wittenstein have been officially served with the lawsuit filed by TNA. TNA has filed a request for expedited discovery and TNA CFO/COO Dean Broadhead signed an affidavit about what he knew of the situation that was filed earlier today.

It is being reported that WWE approached TNA to tell them that Wittenstein was openly discussing his knowledge of contract expiration dates and it was a reason why WWE fired him. TNA is requesting a temporary restraining order against Wittenstein and WWE, which is believed to be in order to prevent them from sharing information or from approaching talent. TNA has put up a $30,000 surety bond in order for the court to consider the injunction.

A hearing is scheduled for June 11th, which is the current end date of the temporary restraining order.

Additionally, The Nashville City Paper quotes WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt about the lawsuit. McDevitt stated, “Our reaction is that no good deed ever goes unpunished. What the WWE did here is what you would hope any company would do in these circumstances it found itself in.”

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