BREAKING UPDATES – Enzo Amore Injured At The WWE Payback Pay-Per-View Event


WWE NXT Superstar Enzo Amore was legitimately injured at the WWE Payback pay-per-view event. According to three fans in attendance and sitting on the floor, he was unconscious for nearly a minute as medics attended to him. Michael Cole announced during the second match of the show that Enzo was taken to a hospital and was moving his arms and legs and was talking with medical personnel. That’s obviously good news. The injury was 100% legitimate and not a work by any means. There is no word on how they will go about finishing the WWE tag-team tournament as tonight’s match was the finals.

Story developing … more as we get it.

Here is a recap from our WWE Payback report:

We start with Enzo Amore and Simon Gotch. Enzo with a monkey flip on Gotch. Gotch bridges out and kicks Enzo away. Gotch with a series of shoulder tackles and Enzo catches him with a dropkick. Tag to Aiden English who blocks a drop toe hold. Big Cass tags himself in and stares down English. Big Cass with body shots to English in the corner. Tag back to Enzo who is launched into Gotch and English by Big Cass. Big Cass then press slams Enzo over English for a two count. Enzo cuts off Gotch with a high knee and then eats a corner dropkick from English. Gotch sends Enzo through the ropes and Enzo catches his head on the bottom rope. Enzo appears to be legitimately knocked out. A WWE referee immediately attends to Enzo Amore at ringside.

WWE medical staff run down. The referee calls for the bell. We see a replay and Enzo knocked his head off the second rope. They did a close up and Enzo is gasping for air and appears to be legitimately knocked out. The referee has called for the bell. Medical staff are now at ringside and are putting Enzo on a stretcher. Big Cass is looking on and speaking with WWE staff. Xavier Woods had a very concerned look on his face as he was sitting at ringside with Big E and Kofi Kingston.

Winner: No Contest

We’re hoping for the best. Get well soon, Enzo!

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