Bret Hart Could See John Cena Turning Heel At WrestleMania


Bret Hart had an interview with Rob McNichol for The Sun’s podcast One Sided Ring. He gave his predictions on the top four matches of WrestleMania and had some interesting thoughts on Cena vs Rock.

The Rock v John Cena: “The build-up has been quite good. The Rock seems like not only is he looking in great form, but he is looking in great form. At the same time Cena has been classic cena. I’m quite intrigued to see what happens. It’s been well done — in a lot of ways quite riveting. The key to a great match is the question mark over who is going to win. It puts me in mind of my match with The British Bulldog at Wembley Stadium at Summerslam ’92. When we were stood in the ring I think they were trying to wrack their brains as to figure out who was going to win. I think Cena’s going to come out on top because I think he’s the franchise guy right now. I can’t see them taking a chance on a guy that wrestles once a year.

They’ve got all the mileage they can out of guys like Cena and Orton. They’ve been on top for a long time and it’s hard to stay on top in that position forewrver. I think Randy’s getting a taste of that now. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprise if Cena has some sort of role reversal — the fact that all the fans are against him so much. I can’t see him being a villain or a heel, but at the same time wouldn’t that totally blow everyone away? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it will be Rock that turns heel or something else but I’m fascinated by what direction they might go with Cena and Rock.”

CM Punk v Chris Jericho: “Even more than the Rock/Cena match I’m being geared up for the Punk/Jericho match. They should have the match of the show. Jericho has come back and looks in great form. Punk has a lot of imagination and ingenuity, a lot of great moves and great ring psychology. Jericho is a wily old veteran who has been up and down the roads. He can turn it on when he needs to. This is a really good opportunity to steal the show. They both seem very focused, and have a lot of imagination and ability. It’s all about the wrestling. Punk really feels he is in the prime of his life. He really believes in his heart that he is the best wrestler in the world today.

That’s what that match is about — hype or no hype. There is a lot of personal incentive for these guys to steal the show from Rock and Cena and have everyone walking out of Wrestlemania talking about Punk and Jericho. My gut feeling is that they’ll succeed in that. I think Punk will win, it’s why I like that match the most. There’s a really good question mark over who is going to win and where it’s going to go afterwards.”

Undertaker v Triple H: I expect it to be pretty good. Undertaker has such a strong ring presence and a towering personality. I don’t see Triple H breaking the record. For Undertaker, it’s just of question of — once he beats Triple H — whether he retires right after the match or decides to go another year. It might depend on what kind of match it is. This could be as big a match as Triple H has ever had, but I’ve already cleared it in my head that Undertaker will win. I don’t see a lot of suspense in it. But Triple H has been around a long time. He’s had a lot of time to think about this match and he might have some tricks up his sleeve as far as moves and psychology.”

Sheamus v Daniel Bryan: Sheamus has turned out to be the star the company has been looking for. He is building a lot of momentum and seems to have a strong fanbase now. His babyface turn has blossomed pretty well for him. But Daniel Bryan is the best pound-for-pound wrestler right now working in the business. It’s an interesting match-up. My gut tells me Sheamus has too much momentum. Whatever the outcomes, the fans will accept them. What wrestling fans want more is great storytelling and cool endings. Finishes that they haven’t seen a million times over. Knowing a lot of the wrestlers involved this year, they are all serious, focused professionals. I’m sure they will do everything they can to leave as strong a mark as they can.”

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