Bret Hart: ‘I Stand By My Opinion Of Triple H’


Bret Hart had a Q&A session in Glasgow, Scotland recently. Here are highlights:

On women’s wrestling: “It’s never been better. I mean who ever got a boner watching The Fabulous Moolah”

On his opinion of Triple H: “I got a lot of heat last time I was over here for saying he was a 4 out of 10 wrestler. My honest opinion… he’s a 4 out of 10 wrestler!”

On which wrestlers he would want to face today: “I would love to take on Cena, Punk, Bryan and The Uso’s.”

He also said that when he was in the hospital because of his stroke, Vince McMahon called him and he was in tears. He mentioned that it still affects him emotionally to talk about that time of his life.

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