Bret Hart: ‘Kevin Nash Can Go To Hell’


During an appearance overseas for Inside The Ropes, Bret Hart told the story of Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, and others offering him the lead role in their infamous backstage Kliq.

Kevin Nash would later dispute this, leading Bret to further clarify his point during another stage show. Brett would cite the exact page number of his autobiography in which he recalls the incident. Bret Hart would later say that Kevin Nash can “go to hell:”

This past Thursday in Dublin during out Inside The Ropes Live Tour With Bret Hart, After a claim the previous night in Belfast that The Hitman had been offered a role as the head of the Kliq, Kevin Nash took to Twitter to debunk the story claiming it never happened while having a back and forth Sean Waltman about the claim. When we got to Dublin the next day we let Bret respond on stage. Subscribe to the channel for more clips of our live shows and interviews and don’t forget to like and comment too!

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