Bret Hart Rips The New Stampede Wrestling Project


Bret Hart posted the following on Twitter regarding the new attempt to relaunch Stampede Wrestling…


For those asking or wondering, I just want 2 clarify that I’m in no way, shape, or form affiliated w/the so-called new Stampede Wrestling

And I know my father would be embarrassed to be associated with it too

We noted last week that Bruce Hart revealed in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Channel that he is planning on restarting Stampede Wrestling. In the article, Hart says that he wants to create a promotion that is more focused on athletics than promos. He added that he was calling wrestlers to appear for the promotion. There is no word if any TV deal has been reached.

Bruce has been trying to bring back Stampede for a while now. The promotion was founded by Stu Hart in the ’40s and was eventually sold to the WWF in the ’80s, paving the way for many of the top talent such as Bret Hart and the British Bulldgos to come into the WWF. The promotion re-opened later before shutting down again in 1989. WWE purchased the Stampede video library six years ago.

To read the interview, you can click here.

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