​Bret Hart & Sons Discuss The Mark Hunt vs. Brock Lesnar UFC 200 Fight – They All Think Lesnar Will Lose


WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart & Dallas and Blade (his real-life sons) recently spoke about the Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt UFC 200 fight during the latest edition of his “Sharpshooter Podcast.” Bret and his sons all think Hunt will defeat Lesnar at Saturday’s UFC 200 event. Here are some highlights and some audio of the interview:

On their predictions for Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt at UFC 200:

Dallas: “I think he (Brock) might be in trouble. I think Mark Hunt’s just going to pound him to death.”

Blade: “I think Brock’s chin has shown that it’s not made of diamonds or anything like that. I think he might get his world rocked but the big Samoan. That guy’s a beast.”

Dallas: “I’m rooting for Brock Lesnar but I think he maybe picked the wrong opponent.”

Blade: “After all the times in Hawaii I’ve learned don’t f**k around with the Samoans. They’re all pretty tough.”

Bret: “I am kind of in the same camp, I guess. I really admire him for going in and doing it. Not just going in to UFC but to make the crossover from doing one thing to another. He’s to me a great professional wrestler. UFC has got to be a challenge. Like Punk, I really admire him for going in there and being a real gladiator. Going out there and basically fighting for all it’s worth. It’s admirable for him to be going in there. I also have a lot of fear about that crossover. Pro wrestling is so much easier. It’s actually a good way to heal up, maybe. It’s probably a good way to stay in shape but I don’t know if it’s the kind of shape you need to be in to be a UFC fighter. It’s pretty constant. I don’t know very many people that could be as fit as a UFC guy. Whatever sport you’re in… tennis or whatever. I imagine a UFC guy could probably outrun you. For longer anyway. They just seem like they are super athletes. To make that crossover from pro wrestling where it’s just all so very, very hard. It’s a different kind of hard. To go to UFC is just such an adjustment. I fear for Punk the same way. It’s got to be a real tough adjustment to now suddenly have someone throwing punches at you for real. Kicking you in the head for real. As opposed to someone throwing a worked punch. Throwing worked punches and worked kicks is so much different. They aren’t even close to each other. A million miles apart. I really respect Brock for going in there. I fear from the fights I’ve seen that he doesn’t take punches well. He gets hit and he seems to curl up and take more. He doesn’t seem to take them very well.”

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