Bret Hart Suing Doctor For $1 Million Over Botched Wrist Surgery


Its been reported by the Calgary Sun that WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Dr. Justin Yeung for a botched wrist surgery, which has resulted in the immobilization of his thumb and index finger. Here are details regarding the case (via

* Two years ago Hart underwent surgery to deal with an injury to his right wrist related to a 1981 wrestling incident where he chipped his scaphold

* The scaphold is one of eight small bones in the wrist

* Hart visited Dr. Justin Yeung, a plastic surgeon, who said he could repair the wrist with a partial fusion of the wrist bones

* The surgery took place on Nov. 23, 2015

* Six weeks after the surgery Hart returned to Yeung’s office to have three pins removed and complained about continued pain and swelling in his wrist

* Notably he complained that his index finger and thumb “did not function”

* Yeung told Hart to wait and see how it healed but the pain and immobility continued through visits in March, April and August of 2016

Here are a few of Hart’s claims:

* Yeung and his team were negligent and breached their duties to care for Hart

* Yeung and his team left a tourniquet on Hart’s right arm for too long and cut off circulation to the nerves and tendons of his and right index finger and thumb

* Those fingers were injured, immobilized, by the lack of oxygen they were supplied

* Hart is now incapable of participating in recreational and social activities

* Including using pens, pencils, eating utensils and even dressing himself without assistance

* Hart underwent another surgery in October but the outcome of that is not yet known

* The lawsuit seeks $1 million in general damages

* Plus unspecified amounts for lost income and other losses

* A statement of defense disputing the unproven allegations has not been filed

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