Bret “Hitman” Hart Documentaries Pulled From WWE Network


A group of documentaries featuring Bret Hart have been taken off of the WWE Network. In a report provided by PWInsider, the following older specials have been removed from the service, all of which feature Hart:

* Bret Hart – The Best There Is, the Best There Was, the Best There Ever Will Be (2005)
* Hart and Soul: Hart Family Anthology (2010)
* WWE Top 50 Superstars (2010)
* Greatest Rivalries: Bret vs. Shawn (2011)
* Bret Hart: The Dungeon Collection (2013)
* The Most Powerful Families in Wrestling (2019)


Bret Hart owns the rights to his matches from the Stampede Wrestling library. However, WWE owns the rights to the Stampede matches not featuring him. WWE has never been able to come to an agreement with Hart on using those matches, which is why WWE pulled Stampede Wrestling from the Network in 2015.

There is speculation that these documentaries may have utilized footage from those matches, which could have been why they were taken down.

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