Brett Lauderdale Explains Why Andrade El Idolo’s GCW Debut Fell Through


Andrade El Idolo almost competed in GCW in 2021 at their Spring Break show. 

GCW booker/owner Brett Lauderdale recently took part in a Reddit AMA where he was asked about any major bookings that fell through. He said,


“We actually had Andrade (one of my favorite wrestlers) booked for Spring Break Tampa. He was gonna make a surprise appearance to setup a match with Lio Rush in Atlantic City. But, between the time he was booked and the day of the show, he signed with AEW and pulled off so that AEW could be his first show back.”

I’m Brett Laderdale, owner and promoter of Game Changer Wrestling. AMA
by u/lauderdale11 in SquaredCircle

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