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NewsINDIEBrett Lauderdale Reacts To Allegations Of GCW Faking COVID Tests

Brett Lauderdale Reacts To Allegations Of GCW Faking COVID Tests



GCW President Brett Lauderdale has issued a response to accusations that GCW faked COVID-19 test results during the early part of the pandemic.

Several GCW stars such as Tony Deppen, Joey Janela, and Jordan Oliver have since defended Lauderdale and the promotion against the allegations.

Speaking on the Business of the Business podcast, Lauderdale responded to the allegations by saying the following:

“This is somebody who’s throwing a lot of s**t at the wall.” Lauderdale said of McDonald. “And again, I want to be careful of how I respond to this cause I don’t want to engage in this and also because some of the things that were said were borderline on… there could be legal implications to some of this so I prefer to disengage in this and let’s see what happens. I’ve talked to people from a legal aspect that have advised me to approach it a certain way so I don’t want to give too much credence to this, you know what I mean? Other than to say I’m proud of my record during COVID and the pandemic. The proof is in the pudding [it’s] pretty public everything we did so I’ll leave it at that.”

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