Brian Cage Comments On The AEW vs. Lucha Underground Comparisons, More


During a recent appearance on the “Jobbing Out” podcast, Brian Cage commented on his win over Hangman Page on AEW Dynamite, how AEW compares to Lucha Underground, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the importance of his win over Hangman Page on AEW Dynamite: “It’s extremely important. Like I said, I’m not young – I’ve been doing this for 15-plus years, so I’ve made the best of every opportunity I’ve had and I’ve done well for myself. But I feel like my potential hasn’t come close to being met yet. I’m trying to get there. To get there, you have to knock these suckers out of the park when you get an opportunity like that, which is exactly what I did. Hopefully, I’ll keep doing it and keep getting the opportunity to keep on proving myself. Everyone sees something in me and is like, ‘Oh, this guy is gonna be a big star.’ And again, I’ve done well for myself, but I feel like that big star moment has been on the verge of coming for a very long time now. I’m not getting any younger, so the big star moment has to happen pretty soon here.”

On why it was a statement win to give fans a better idea of his ability and character: “This is a pretty shining moment for me because also, everybody knows who I am, but not everybody has followed my career through PWG, Lucha Underground, Impact, and what not. A lot of people who are new to me aren’t real keen on exactly who I am and what all I can do and what I’m capable of. That’s another reason why I have to nail every opportunity out of the park because for people who don’t know, I’m trying to make them know.”

On working for AEW and the similarities to wrestling fans having an alternative with Lucha Underground: “It’s just great that there’s something – I remember the last time I was part of something that kind of slowly took the wrestling world by storm was Lucha Underground, which is still one of my favorite times in wrestling. I absolutely loved it there. And now that we’re here with another alternative – the biggest problem with Lucha Underground was finances and TV network. Here, we’ve got the finances to back to the company, and we’ve got TNT. If Lucha Underground was on TNT instead of El Rey, it wouldn’t a little better and lasted a little longer to say the least. It’s been phenomenal. There are so many people that are into it. Even some of the WWE diehards are like, ‘Wait a minute, this is what the alternative is? This is pretty awesome.” Another thing too is it’s great to have legit competition because competition creates greater competition. It’s more places for people to work and more shows for people to watch. It just gives everyone a choice. It’s been great, and I’m glad it’s here.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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