Brian Cage Gives His Goals For 2018, Says He Idolized Chris Kanyon


Brian Cage talked with Sports Illustrated; the highlights of the interview are below:

On Chris Kanyon: “One of my idols in wrestling, Chris Kanyon, who later became a good friend, had such an innovative offense. That is also my goal in wrestling. Adding new moves adds spice to a match. When I walk out of the curtain, my look separates me, but I also want to differentiate myself with my moves. I don’t want to be another technical guy or another powerhouse. I want people to say, ‘Holy s—, Brian Cage is a machine! The s— he does is inhuman.’”


On his goals in 2018: “There are avenues I want to cross in 2018. New Japan is a major goal on my list, and Ring of Honor is the only company I’ve never worked with in the United States. TNA has this loose agreement with AAA–John Morrison and Taya are worked the [GFW] house shows – so new possibilities exist.”

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