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NewsBrian Gewirtz - 'The JBL Is Poopy Idea Was All John Cena's'

Brian Gewirtz – ‘The JBL Is Poopy Idea Was All John Cena’s’



Brian Gewirtz recently took to Twitter to comment on John Cena’s promos in WWE, which is something the former creative team member says the 16-time world champion often came up with himself.

While Cena often wrote his own promos, he was more than willing to collaborate. Gewirtz wrote,

“As I recall @JohnCena came up with a great deal of his promos himself, especially his early raps but he was always happy to collaborate and take any and all suggestions to make a segment better. Except the time he wrote “JBL is poopy” on @JCLayfield’s limo. That was all him.”

For those who may not recall, fans were not at all entertained when Cena spray-painted the “JBL is poopy” phrase on JBL’s limo on a July 2008 episode of RAW.

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