Brian James & Eric Bischoff React To ‘Crown of Thorns’ Spot On AEW Rampage


As seen during Friday night’s episode of AEW Rampage, Adam Cole and Hangman Page faced off in a brutal “Texas Death Match”. There was a spot in the match that featured Page wrapping some barbed wire around Cole’s head and hitting the Deadeye through a table.

Following the spot, some fans took to Twitter and believed it was a reference to the ‘Crown of Thorns’ that was placed on Jesus Christ’s head during his crucifixion. Of course, this took place on Good Friday.

Eric Bischoff and Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James both took to Twitter to react negatively. Bischoff said,

“You find this funny? I’m not offended by what happened on @AEW. If you noticed, didn’t even tag them in my post. My question was specific to a post someone made about a religious holiday. I find it curious how those who profess to be socially conscious are comfortable mocking religion.”

James added,

“Would it be ok if they mocked ANY other religion?”

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