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Brian Johnson Progresses to Finals of ROH Survival of the Fittest Tournament


On Ring of Honor Wrestling’s signature YouTube special, ROH Week by Week, the Ring of Honor Board of Officials presented its fans with a great bout between Brian Johnson and Sledge. This match would be a Survival of the Fittest Tournament qualifying match.

Before the match, we witnessed a hype promo for the contest. In this promo, Sledge discussed his upcoming match with Brian Johnson. He would talk about his battles with losing his father and would tell Johnson that he would kill to have one more second with his father (whereas Johnson disrespects his father). Sledge said he would end Brian Johnson’s career. Brian Johnson would talk about Sledge’s battles with addiction, and how he is a role model for children. However, that doesn’t mean Johnson respects Sledge. Let’s get to the contest!

Brian Johnson would make his entrance first – but it was not your typical wrestling entrance. He would cut off his own theme and cut a promo about how he isn’t like anyone else so he shouldn’t be treated like anyone else. He said he didn’t want to come out with an entrance theme or commentary acknowledging him. Johnson would inevitably do his own ring announcing, and Sledge would make his entrance afterward. Before the bell would ring, Johnson would attack Sledge hitting him with a top rope maneuver. Sledge would sell the knee throughout the rest of this match due to his attack.

This match was a great showing for Sledge, but his knee injury would get the better of him in the end. In the finish of the match, Sledge would strike Johnson causing his opponent to blackout. Johnson would fall to the mat and land directly on Sledge’s knee. Sledge would collapse to the mat and beg for the referee to Johnson off of him. Johnson would finally come to, and would roll-up Sledge for the three-count.

It’s official, “The Mecca” Brian Johnson will make his official Survival of the Fittest six-way debut alongside Demonic Flamita. Stay tuned to eWrestling News to learn what happens of the four remaining spots in the tournament finals.

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