Brian Kendrick On Why A Cruiserweight Division Can’t Work In WWE


Brian Kendrick may be a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion but believes a long-lasting division simply isn’t sustainable.

Kendrick was part of WWE’s relaunched division in 2016 and would be a staple of WWE’s cruiserweight-exclusive show ‘205 Live.’


Speaking on the “IN THE ROOM” podcast with Brady Hicks, Kendrick explained why a WWE cruiserweight division isn’t sustainable. He said,

“Cruiserweights aren’t physically larger than life. I’m assuming that a lot of the reason that the general audience doesn’t like cruiserweight wrestling or doesn’t hunger for it the most and the reason that Vince hasn’t pushed it in the past is because the average male audience member thinks that they can beat up a cruiserweight.

“What’s the point of watching somebody compete when I think I can beat them up? I think that’s the reason for the lack of appeal of cruiserweight wrestling. It’s not a fight. It’s a fantastic performance.”

While no longer competing for WWE, Kendrick has worked with WWE to train with Ronda Rousey and Bad Bunny.

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