Brian Pillman Jr. Comments On His Contract Status With MLW, & More


During a recent interview with Sock Monkey Mike, Brian Pillman Jr. commented on his MLW contract status, training with Lance Storm, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On whether he would consider bringing back Hollywood Blondes team name with Griff Garrison: “I think it’s pretty much known Griff and I are an established tag team right now. We’ve got two wins under our belt……..while we don’t have an official name yet, I think sort of the prototype pilot name is just the Blondes. Tony [Khan] called us the Blondes – ‘Get the Blondes out there.’ That’s what we are, we’re athletes and we’re focusing on winning matches and working together as a team. I’ve never been so organic in the ring with somebody as a tag team. Maybe it’s due to us having similar experience levels, similar body styles. So, yeah, we work well together, we like to keep it simple and physical with very strike-oriented offense. I think don’t expect to see an exact copy of who the Hollywood Blondes were and their character, but who’s to say that just so happen by fate that Griff comes in and we have a similar look and we’ve both got the hair. It’s a perfect fit, right?”


“We are the Blondes, but are we gonna be the Jacksonville Blondes, the Cincinnati Blondes, the North Carolina Blondes, or do we take another kind of theme how they did Hollywood – Hollywood wasn’t necessarily that they were from Hollywood, it was just a theme of actors and movies and that themed blondes. So, maybe we’re the something Blondes. We can take that and be the U.S.S. Blondes and we’re sailors and go out there and wear sailor hats and we’re sailing around the U.S. doing Jericho’s cruise and everything. Or we could be the Varsity Blondes where we’re throwing footballs to each other and we’re playing lacrosse and we’re collegiate athletes. You never know where we go with it….. there are so many different ways you can go with, so why would you just go with the low-hanging fruit and be the Hollywood Blondes? Why copy that gimmick when there are a million gimmicks you can do?”

On his current MLW contract status: “I’m pretty sure I’m still under contract with them. I’ve been working for whoever wants to work with me even though I’m signed to them. It’s a pretty liberal deal where I can do a lot of things. I’m not super exclusive to them. Mine was a little older and they were a little more lenient on what I can do, so I’m very happy and blessed for that too that I’m able to do AEW, MLW, and OVW television all at the same time.”

On training under Lance Storm: “He’s been in the business so long and he refuses to leave the business. He loves the business, and his opinion will always be valued in the business. It’s a credibility thing. When you say that’s who trained you, there’s no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it – you know what you’re doing when you go out there. He probably trained some students that were better for me and probably some students that were worse than me, but the fact of the matter is we all left out there with a great idea about the history of this business and a great idea about where it’s going and a great idea about how to get over and have a safe and effective wrestling match. So, I don’t think there’s any better trademark to put or any better trainer to say you have……when people hear you were trained by Lance Storm, it’s high praise. It’s a very high honor.”

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