Brian Pillman Jr. Looking To Leave MLW Soon, Asking For Release


Brian Pillman Jr. recently spoke to Wrestlinginc and revealed that he is seeking a release from MLW. He said,

“I haven’t heard from MLW in a while – I used to talk to them all the time but they don’t answer my phone,” he said. “I’m sure they’re cool and there’s no hard feelings. I guess everything’s that been said has been said and they told me I’m free to chase opportunities outside. I think my contract restricts WWE and NXT and that’s it. They know that I know what I’m not allowed to do and sooner or later I’m sure we’ll try to come to an agreement where MLW can release me. As far as I’m concerned, there’s not any guarantee on any shows happening. I understand it’s a pandemic and it’s just business. There’s no hard feelings and I absolutely love that company and wrestling has been nothing but good to me for my whole career.”


Pillman further elaborated on the situation with MLW.

“If I’m fully transparent since about June 1 I’ve been actively trying to request my release and free myself of the obligations of MLW,” revealed Pillman. “Again, no hard feelings but they have obligations towards me too. They have to have so many shows take place in order for my end of the contract to be valid too. So, I think that would also free them up of some responsibility. I think it would be a win-win situation if they released me. Everybody’s got a different opinion on what’s a win-win situation.”

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