Brian Pillman Jr. on Possibility of Challenging Cody Rhodes for TNT Title


Brian Pillman Jr. talked about his desire to challenge Cody Rhodes for TNT Titlewhen he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

Here is what he had to say: 


“I’d say it would be pretty wise to position myself for a title shot like that. That’s something I should be aiming for. But I shouldn’t be aiming just to have the match, I should be aiming to win the title,” stated Pillman. “I’ve been drawn to Cody for a very long time ever since I met him in Calgary. I’ve been studying his work and watching his stuff and I think if he gets in the ring with me, he’ll realize real quickly that I’ve got his number.

“If you give me that shot, if Cody thinks it will be some fun little title match to get him over and, ‘Aw yeah, Pillman and Cody’ and we shake hands afterwards, that’s not gonna be the case. If I get that shot, I’m fully expecting to win the belt. I’m on fire right now; I’m on the best of my game. They better hope they don’t put me in the ring with Cody and the TNT Title on the line unless they’re fully expecting him to drop that title.”

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