Brian Pillman Jr. Talks About Varsity Blondes Run, Focusing On Singles Action


During a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Brian Pillman Jr. commented on his run as part of the Varsity Blondes and his goals as a singles competitor in AEW.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


Brian Pillman Jr. on his reaction to AEW and NJPW teaming up for Forbidden Door: “It’s been so exciting. I’ve never been to Japan myself and have the possibility of getting to one day work with some of these talents from overseas. I’ve had a good relationship with some of the young lions that are coming over to prove themselves, so it’s really cool to see them succeed and get some AEW time. I just got to wrestle Will Ospreay last week for the Warrior title. To be in the mix with those guys – New Japan has always had a special place in my heart. Hopefully, this Forbidden Door stays open and people can go back and forth and promote wrestling.”

On his experience as part of the Varsity Blonds in AEW: “Yeah, it’s been definitely a wild ride. A lot of ups and downs with Griff [Garrison] and just finding ourselves inside and outside of the ring too. We went through a lot during that period of living in Jacksonville, living on my own, and he was going through similar things in his life, so we learned to grow and learn to really get to know each other really well. It’s a shame to see what happened with Julia [Hart]. She wasn’t quite on the same page as us and after the same thing, so she’s kind of doing her own thing and finding herself and who knows, maybe before long, I and Griff will have to reinvent ourselves and come up with something new also.”

On wanting to focus on singles action: “I’ll tell you what, I was really gunning for those Tag Team Championships for a while, but I think now it’s time to kind of find myself and maybe focus on a little bit of a singles style and maybe a singles run. I’ve been having a lot of — a lot of thinking going on, a lot of retrospective going on. So I think there’s some change is coming very soon.”

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