Brie Bella Discusses Her Feud With Stephanie McMahon, Why She Was At RAW And More

0 spoke with Brie Bella
about her ongoing feud with Stephanie McMahon, including Brie having Stephanie
“arrested” on RAW. Here are highlights:

On why she was at RAW: “I’d been watching for a
couple months now, every Monday night, and seeing my sister get tortured by
Stephanie McMahon. I’d been seeing a lot of the Divas on the roster beat up on
her, seeing them come together and taking her out, one by one. I just felt like,
“You know what? I need to come. I need to support Nikki. I need to let everyone
know that she isn’t on her own, that she does have me.” I felt that if I was
sitting front row, I’d give Nikki a little hope that she could do this, and that
she isn’t defeated. So it was pretty much just me supporting my sister.”

On if she’s worried about Nikki facing the consequences
of Brie’s actions:
“That’s the one thing I know I have to be careful
about. My sister still has a job at WWE, and so does my husband. But it’s gone
past that. Stephanie is truly lucky I don’t take this further and pursue a civil
suit against her. And another thing is that it’s not done. I got a lot of
satisfaction seeing Stephanie arrested, but I’m not here to say, “Ha-ha, I
one-upped you.” It’s not about that. It’s about Stephanie McMahon paying for
every single thing she has done to my family. And I will make sure she pays. The
way those handcuffs felt on her wrists on Monday, I hope she knows the pain she
caused when she had my husband handcuffed and getting beat up all over the
place. Every single pain she has caused my husband and my sister, she will feel
it right back. And I promise you, I will make sure she does.”

On what was going through her mind on RAW:
“Well, I figured it’d probably bother [Stephanie] that I was there.
But I paid for a ticket, I’m sitting in the front row, I didn’t even go
backstage because last time I did that she was so bothered by it. I figured, you
know what? I’m gonna be the bigger person, I’m gonna go to my seat, watch
Nikki’s match and take off. But [Stephanie] was so bothered I was there. I had
no idea she was going to come out and have words with me, and just completely
demolish me in front of everybody. When she slapped me across the face … I can’t
even explain the feeling I got inside. My blood rushed so quickly to my brain
that I was just like, “It’s on.” You want to destroy my husband, and now you
want to destroy my sister? No. The lioness is coming out; these are the claws,
and I will take you down.”

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