​Brie Bella: ‘I Have A Girl Crush On Stephanie McMahon!’


Brie Bella recently spoke with The
Miami Herald
, here are
the highlights…

On Daniel Bryan’s response to Total
“When I brought it up to Bryan [about doing the show], he was
just like, ‘Brie, I don’t think we’re entertaining to watch. I don’t think this
is a good idea for you and I.’ I was kind of like, ‘I think you’re right. We are
kind of boring.’ It’s because we are very private, so it was hard for us to open
up with all the cameras. He is such a good sport. He is just so good to me. With
anything I want to do, he is 100 percent for it, even if he thinks I’m crazy. It
was very hard for he and I at first, but now we have fun with it. We are so
comfortable that sometimes we forget that the cameras are there. Bryan and I
came to look at this as people can see he and I are very into the environment.
That’s our passion outside of work.”

On her wedding playing out on Total Divas
this Sunday:
“For me, to just get to relive all those moments, but
also to see how everyone was watching is exciting. To be honest, that day I was
just so swept into Bryan. I felt nobody else existed that day. So it will be fun
to watch how people were watching like for example John [Cena] crying. I just
can’t wait because Bryan’s vows were so beautiful, and he totally did a way
better job than myself. Not that it’s a competition with vows, but usually the
girls are the more sensitive and emotional ones. No, Bryan, he just knocked it
right out of the park. They were just so beautiful and touching. I was like,
‘Wow, these words I will remember for the rest of my life.'”

On her work with Stephanie
“I have to say I have like a girl crush on her. She is just
an amazing woman. She is so talented and with the way she is with all the
charities to represent WWE. Then she can put that all aside, when she gets to
that ring. It’s just insane to me. I just really admire her, and it has been a
lot of fun to work with her and learn from her. I’ve really enjoyed it. The
storyline is insane, and you never know what it holds. I’m excited for Payback
because I think it will have a really great twist.”

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