Britt Baker

Britt Baker Comments On AJ Lee Potentially Joining AEW


During her panel session at Planet Comicon, AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker spoke about the possibility of former WWE star AJ Lee following her husband, CM Punk, in joining AEW. 

“I was a big AJ Lee fan. One of the first moves I asked my trainer to teach me when I was training was her finisher ‘The Black Widow’ so that would be really cool. Again, it’s giving the fans what they want. I think the fans, to see both of them [CM Punk & AJ Lee] in a wrestling ring again in 2021, let alone in one that’s not WWE is very — it’s evolutionary. That would be such a moment so, for the moment alone, I would love to see her back in the ring. I’d love to see her in the ring with me.

And speaking of her, I know we said, you know, we don’t really do mixed tags but I could think of a mixed tag that I would like to see involving her [AJ Lee], him [CM Punk], me and somebody else so…”

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