Britt Baker Continues To Campaign For A Spot On Dancing With The Stars


During a recent interview with TV Insider, AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker D.M.D. commented on wanting to appear on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, who she’s been impressed with on the show, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how long she’s been a fan of the show: “Since I was young. My mom and grandma would sit on the couch and talk about how pretty the outfits were. I’ve watched pretty much every season. I did get a little busy in the middle of my life when I decided to do dental school and professional wrestling at the same time. So if I missed one, I go back and watch them on the treadmill—I watch Dancing With the Stars past dances and professional wrestling matches.”

On who she’s been impressed by: “Obviously, Chris Jericho. All the wrestlers actually, including Nikki Bella and Miz, who is absolutely killing it. He is not afraid to commit to these characters. I’m not going to lie: I did not think he would be as good a dancer as he has been. He is fantastic. I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers girl, so when Hines Ward won, it was amazing.”

On if Adam Cole watches with her: “He is on the couch when it is on. He doesn’t always commit to watching, but I’ll grab him and go, “Watch this one.” He did say he will watch intently if I ever make it on. I’m holding him to that.”

On wanting to appear: “It would be a literal dream come true. Let’s add one more hat. Dentist, professional wrestler, ballroom dancer. They all go together, right? It would be really cool because it’s something I’ve been following for so long. It’s something that was totally out of reach when I was watching with my family. Now it’s something I‘m actively trying to manifest and put out in the universe.”

On Kayla Harrison’s comments about wrestling: “I say don’t knock it until you try it. You get in there with millions at home and learn the craft that is professional wrestling. It’s not easy. It’s not a walk in the park. The hardest part is building a connection with the fans. It’s the most important part. I don’t think people don’t know how hard it truly is.”

On a possible all-women PPV from AEW: “I don’t know. Never say never. As empowering as EmPowerrr is, I think it’s more empowering we’re given the platform to the main event all these television shows. To main event Dynamite. To main event Rampage. When the women main event a men’s show, it has a little extra satisfaction.”

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