Britt Baker & Jade Cargill Involved In A ‘War Of Words’ On Twitter


Britt Baker has recently been referring to herself as the ‘baddest b*tch on the block’ on AEW television. Of course, Jade Cargill refers to herself as ‘that b*tch’.

Cargill took to Twitter today and got involved in a “war of words” with Britt Baker. She said,

“Brittney. You can’t hold a candle to how I look/ My face alone looks better. Let’s not talk about your ass.”

Baker replied with the following,

“Your tweets are as bad as your promos. I was the baddest bitch on the block before you even decided you wanted to play wrestler. No one mentioned “looks” but that’s literally all you have so I get it. If that was an attempt to body shame my ass, go ahead and kiss it. #Obsessed”

Cargill then came back with the following,

“BODY SHAME!?! The Queen of talking about everyone else is playing the victim. Brittney please, I can’t help that God blessed me with great looks! Also, @RealBrittBaker you have yet to answer back to @TayConti_ tweet. Scared much?”

You can check out their full exchange below:

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