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Britt Baker Names Her Favorite Women’s Performers In AEW, Thunder Rosa Not Mentioned



While we know Britt Baker isn’t a fan of Thunder Rosa, she does have a few favorite performers on the current All Elite Wrestling women’s roster.

During a recent appearance on the “Swerve City Podcast,” the D.M.D gave some high praise to Willow Nightingale, Anna Jay, Jamie Hayter, and others.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her admiration for Nightingale: “I’m obsessed with her. She’s my favorite person to watch wrestle right now. She’s having competitive matches. I’m actually envious of Willow because when I watch her, so early on in TV wrestling, she knows who she is. She knows who Willow Nightingale is. For me, that was so hard for me at first to figure out who I was and what was going to click with myself and feel authentic. She’s got it and she’s been on TV how many times? That’s so impressive to me.”

On her other favorites in the AEW roster: “It’s not even that I’m more experienced than this person, it’s just this person has had setback after setback and that’s Kris Statlander. Stat is such a superstar and it’s these injuries just driving everyone insane. Obviously her, it’s heartbreaking for her, but for all of us it’s like, she is it. She is such a rockstar and superstar. Jamie Hayter, she just got a later start to TV than the rest of us, but she’s a rockstar. That’s my main girl. Anna Jay, who is literally a baby, has been learning professional wrestling matches on live TV, she’s so inexperienced, but she’s a star. She’s improving so insanely fast. She’s so hungry to learn. She walks out with Chris Jericho now. For some people, that might get to your head, ‘oh I don’t need to keep working.’ She always wants to work and learn. I have nothing but respect for Anna Jay.”

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