Britt Baker Responds To Fans Who Claim Recent Thumbtack Spot Was “Fake”


Former AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker D.M.D. has responded to fans who have implied the thumbtacks used in her recent match with Thunder Rosa were in some way gimmicked.

Posting a video on her Instagram Stories, Baker showed off the damage left on her by the tacks. This includes several holes where the tacks pierced her skin, as well as multiple bruises. After showing off her injuries, Baker would then ask that those who claimed the tacks were fake “kindly f*ck off.” 

You can check out the video of Britt Baker’s injuries below:

Baker would then follow this up by re-tweeting her video, adding the caption “BuT tHe tHumBtaCkS aRe FaKe.”


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