Britt Baker Reveals Who’s Helped Her The Most In AEW, More


AEW Superstar Britt Baker became the new AEW Women’s World Champion at Double or Nothing after she defeated Hikaru Shida. Following the match, Baker took part in the post-show media scrum and commented on the criticism of the AEW women’s division, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On who in AEW has helped her the most: “It’s really just learning the people I clicked with to ask for advice, which I’ve been very open (about). I have a very, very close working relationship with Tony Khan. In a lot of ways I owe everything to him, because he believed in me when I almost didn’t believe in myself, when a lot of people doubted me. I think he always believed in Dr. Britt Baker. So I owe my title in some way to having some Tony Khan bait on the line. Chris Jericho, I’d say it a hundred times. I love picking Ricky Starks’ brain. Cody, he has a great mind for wrestling. Kenny, Jerry Lynn, Dustin (Rhodes), we have so many excellent coaches here. You’re an idiot if you don’t take advantage of it. And as soon as I really dialed in and was like ‘hey, I want to be the best,’ everything just kind of fell into place.”

On criticism toward the AEW women’s division: “It’s just a growing and a learning process. And it’s hard. It’s hard to hear it in mass quantities, which I was. But you have to. Even if you’re the best in the business, you have to have criticism if you’re going to get better. I just happened to have a lot of it, so I got a lot better. The division as a whole, I think most of the criticism, at the time, was the TV time. None of us, almost none of us had any TV experience. We were all learning and growing together as a division in front of your eyes. And I think that’s kind of a bit our charm and why people are jumping on the bandwagon now. Cause it’s like ‘oh man, I remember when Britt Baker couldn’t hold a microphone. And now look at her.’ So I think that’s why a lot of people are along for the ride.”

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