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Britt Baker Says She’s Wanted Jamie Hayter Back In AEW For A While Now


During a recent interview with the Milwaukee Record, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D commented on wanting Jamie Hayter back in AEW for awhile now, trying to convince Tony Khan to make it happen, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On having the highest-rated segment during the Rampage premiere: “Well, that’s definitely not the first time where I’ve had the highest-rated segment. I’ve been doing very well recently, ever since I became champion. We all kind of poke fun at each other, “I had the highest this, I had the highest that,” but it’s all in good fun because at the end of the day we want the whole show to do well. So it doesn’t matter who has the highest rating this week or next week. As long as we’re all doing well, then AEW is doing well.”

On Jamie Hayter returning to AEW: “Yeah, so when I wrestled her in England, right away we just clicked and I thought she was a fantastic wrestler. She has a really cool, edgy personality. We’re kind of similar too in our dry, sarcastic humor and we just really clicked. We really got along. They were using her pretty frequently for awhile for AEW, but then with the pandemic, the travel ban, of course, everything kind of was at a standstill. But then when stuff is opening up again, you know, I was kinda nudging Kenny and Tony like “Hey, remember Jamie Hayter? Remember Jamie Hayter?” Because she’s such a fantastic talent and everybody here—literally every single person in AEW—agrees that she’s fantastic and we need her here.”

On what she’d say to convince someone to attend an AEW event: “I would say just watch any clip you can find of an AEW show because at any given moment that crowd is full of smiles. They’re screaming their lungs out. They’re chanting. The crowd has so much fun. I’ve talked to so many people who said that AEW was the first wrestling show they’ve ever been to and they said it’s addicting because the energy is so contagious. It’s like a drug; you want to come back for more. It’s so much fun. Everybody in that building is having fun. Even the guys holding the cameras when they get to the back they’re telling us “Man, this city was great. That was a blast.” The energy in the building is something you can’t describe, you have to feel it.”

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