Britt Baker

Britt Baker Talks Potential Singles Match With AJ Lee


There are many who consider Britt Baker D.M.D. to be the perfect dream opponent for AJ Lee if she’d ever return. However, the former Divas Champion has stated that it’s unlikely she’d wrestle again due to a neck injury that ultimately ended her career.

Baker was asked during her interview with Sportskeeda about a potential dream match with AJ, in which she said the following:


“I think you’d have to ask her that, not me. I would love to see AJ in the ring again. She did so much for women’s wrestling, and I think there’s so much more that she can do. And even if she doesn’t know that or she’s unaware of it, there’s still so many girls that look up to her, myself included. But now, I see myself on an even playing field with her. I feel like I could be better than AJ. So let’s get in the ring and see.”

AJ has also said she would love to have a mixed tag match against Baker and Adam Cole with her husband, CM Punk. Whether or not AJ will return to the ring someday remains to be seen.

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