Brock Lesnar Appears On ESPN’s SportsCenter Last Night – A Full Recap & Video Interview


Jonathan Coachman welcomes Brock Lesnar to the show and lists his accolades, and asks Brock what has been most difficult for him in his career. Brock says it must be winning a NCAA Championship because of the training involved, but nothing has come easy to him. Coach asks about his favorite Wrestlemania moment and Brock mentions his ‘failed’ Shooting Star Press, but he says he is still looking forward to a really great Wrestlemania moment. Coach follows up on the Wrestlemania 19 Shooting Star Press, and Brock says he hadn’t done the move in a while, but he thought it would be a good moment at the time.

Brock says Paul Heyman has really helped his career and they work really well together, and Heyman has been on his side since day one. Coach asks Brock about Daniel Bryan’s retirement, and Brock says Bryan made a wise choice, noting he’s probably had a lot of concussion he didn’t know about, but putting your pride aside and taking care of your family and stepping away is the rig

Coach talks about Brock’s UFC career and talks about pay-per-view buys, then references how Ronda Rousey sold fights and talks about her Ellen appearance. Coach asks if he has any advice for Rousey, and Brock says she should know how to lose before you can win, and Rousey just needs to figure things out and get back into it. Coach asks about a crossover appeal with Rousey, and Brock says if the work ethic is there you can see success, and Rousey has proved she can be successful, but she also can’t be in as many movies or outside roles, and just needs to figure out what she wants to do for herself. Coach thanks Brock for his appearance and closes out the segment.

This week’s Top Moments:

Top Match
Fatal Fiveway – Dean Ambrose vs Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens vs Stardust vs Rusev

Top Moves
Naomi’s kick combination to Becky Lynch

Top Performance
AJ Styles

Top Moment
Kane returns to help Big Show take out the Wyatt Family

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