Brock Lesnar Received Heat For Unplanned Spot At WWE Royal Rumble


Brock Lesnar made a statement by entering the Royal Rumble match this past weekend in San Antonio, TX.

Fightful Select reports that Lesnar has received heat over an unplanned spot in the Men’s Royal Rumble match. Immediately after his elimination at the hands of Bobby Lashley, Lesnar began tearing apart the ringside era. Amidst the destruction, he tossed referee Eddie Orengo over the barricade.


The report suggests that Lesnar lifting the steel steps was not planned, nor was the launching of a piece of the commentary table in the ring sanctioned. WWE did expect Brock to get a little crazy with his “freak out”, which was obviously planned.

The spot that brought the heat on Lesnar was the unsanctioned tossing of Orengo over the barricade. It appeared that Orengo suffered a foot injury, but nothing of that sort has been confirmed yet. Ornego sold Lesnar’s beatdown all the way to the back, and as a result, ended up missing an “integral spot” during the match.

The report further suggests that heat is “a relative term” for Lesnar and WWE is unlikely to punish him for going off-script. While certain individuals backstage were infuriated, Lesnar won’t get in any trouble for his actions due to who he is.

Lesnar came in as the number 12 entrant into the Men’s WWE Royal Rumble and was eliminated in under three minutes by #13 entrant Lashley.

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