Brock Lesnar’s Status for Elimination Chamber, AEW to Go After Ambrose?


The current WWE Universal Champion is riding momentum off a recent and decisive victory over Finn Balor, and luckily for Brock, it doesn’t look like he has to step off that ride anytime soon. Dave Meltzer reports that Lesnar is not currently booked for Elimination Chamber and will be entering Wrestlemania 35 as Champion. Meltzer even mentioned that Rousey’s status for Elimination Chamber was in the air as well.


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Secondly, Dean Ambrose recently turned down a 5-year, 7 figure contract extension with the WWE and will leave the company in April. Ambrose has made it very clear throughout the years that his entire life revolves around wrestling and most people universally agree that Ambrose’s wrestling career is far from over. With the emergence of AEW, many fans speculate that this could be Dean’s new home, and Meltzer confirmed that AEW is indeed interested in the Lunatic.

“Its like the fear of being gone [from WWE] was not so much a reality and now with AEW it’s like there’s another place to go to make really good money if they want you. In the case of Dean, if he’s a free agent in April, will they want him? The answer is yes.”

Dean gave notice to WWE officials earlier this week and will carry out his duties until Wrestlemania this year. WWE released a statement acknowledging that Ambrose would be leaving the company, but the answer to whether or not Ambrose signs with AEW awaits in the very near future.

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