Brodus Clay: Dusty Rhodes Was An Influence On Funkasaurus


Brodus Clay is interviewed in the latest WWE Magazine about his choreography doubts prompting a conversation with Triple H, his ideal opponents and more. Check out the highlights:

On his conversation with HHH just before he was taken off TV: “One night, I came backstage after a match against Alex Riley and I was so upset. Triple H said, ‘What’s the matter?’ and I explained that the choreography was off. He’s staring and me and I’m like, ‘Wait. Am I upset over the choreography?’ He said, ‘Yeah, you are.’ I didn’t know how to feel about that. But, I’m always worried about the dancing – that I’ll fall.”

On Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry being his idea “big man” opponents: “They’ve been great influences in terms of their work, and how they carry themselves, as I’m the new ‘big guy’ on the block. They’re all former World Champs and are all still relevant…So, as part of that community, when you’re a big guy, you’re an oddity, you’re always compared with the other ones. So, what better measuring stick than to be in there grappling with them?

On Dusty Rhodes being an influence on his character: “It’s kind of subconscious, actually. I watched Dusty as a child, and I always loved the fact that he would do things to mess with whomever he was in the ring with.”

On getting to Planet Funk: “If there’s not a bus, just wait. You have something to look forward to. It’s worth it, I promise.”

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