Brodus Clay Says He Was Shocked By His NXT Elimination


Brodus Clay recently spoke about how the Funkasaurus gimmick happened, advice he got from Triple H and more. Check out the highlights:

On the Funkasaurus gimmick: “Ok so the weeks leading up, i swear i was about to lose my mind, what little hair i had on the top of my head i was pulling out. Literally every week I was getting ready to debut, ready to debut , but then week after week something would happen to delay it. I was turning into a laughing stock. I was getting text messages from home, saying what is going on. Finally the day comes and they show the sign with the disco ball and my name, and I get a text from my brother saying “Why is there a disco ball on your name?” So when I did come out it was dead silent, I could have said my name and it would have echoed through the building. There was a guy who was fired up and was dressed in my old ring gear, with his hair spiked up and a cut off shirt , and his mouth was so wide open, he was so upset. During the match he yelled at me “you suck Brodus Clay” and I yelled back “My Bad” and it kind of just went from there and I kept that as my catchphrase. It’s so hard to surprise people these days with the internet, but it shocked people.

On Triple H’s advice to him: “I remember Triple H came up to me and said ‘whatever you do, do not look at the internet, it’s probably going to be bad.'”

On his NXT elimination: “At the time I was genuinely shocked. They talk about that promo i did when i was eliminated and that was 100% how I felt, it was legitimate. If you watch American Idol, or X Factor, you see the guys that come so close to winning but then don’t. I understood how they felt. It was definitely bittersweet, but they wouldn’t have gotten that reaction out of me, and I probably wouldn’t have gotten paired up with Alberto Del Rio had I won.”

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