Brodus Clay Speaks Out – First WWE Firing, Ex-Job, More


Brodus Clay was recently interviewed by Brian Soscia. Below are some highlights:

Brodus on his first release from the WWE: “I got a call after practice, which is rude [laughter]. Call me before practice. I was told that I wasn’t developing like they wanted and that they were going to look into future us working together, but for now we needed to part ways. I was like alright. I packed my bags and went back to California and actually put wrestling behind me. I actually thought, well you know what, I thought it was crazy I made it once and to think I’m going to come back or whatever was unrealistic goal. So I went back to bodyguarding and substitute teaching. I was actually doing very well, traveling the world with Snoop. So I was kind of doing that. I would have dreams at night about wrestling and stuff but I kept it very quiet.”

“As soon as I showed up they had open arms. They met me at the door. I remember Cena shook my hand. John Laurinaitis was like you know the door’s still open. I was like you guys closed it pretty hard actually. I still have splinters in my face, but that’s cool. About two weeks later I was sitting around and I was like I can either do this bodyguarding the rest of my life or I could take a chance and go back and do what I always wanted to do. I called them up and asked if the offer was still on the table and he was like yeah. I came back and I’m glad obviously I did. It’s been great ever since.”

Brodus on who discovered him: “I was discovered by Tommy Dreamer. When Wrestlemania was in Los Angeles, he had brought a few wrestlers with him to dinner. When I was not a body guard, I was a substitute teacher during the day, I bounced clubs at night and yeah, I was working. I worked like every other week for Snoop. At a place called Saddle Ranch. I ran security there. So I would check in and make sure everyone was working and doing their thing. They [Dreamer and guests] came in and I was a huge fan my whole life. So as soon as I saw Tommy Dreamer and those guys I wouldn’t let them wait in line. I brought them in and put them up on the stage, VIP service, I bought their first round of drinks and their food and I took care of them.”

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