Brodus Clay Speaks Out – Vince McMahon, NXT, Future, More


Brodus Clay recently spoke with, here are the highlights…

On Working with Cameron and Naomi: “That was a lot of fun,
it was definitely a challenge, I was scared to death initially of doing it
because I had trained to be an aggressive monster heel but they threw a curve
ball at me and I had to deliver. I went to see the Dusty Rhodes and we sat down
and spoke about the character and we danced to Moves Like Jagger and we figured
it out after that.”

On WWE NXT: “Adrian Neville was an aggressive opponent and
I really enjoyed getting to work with him. Adrian was a great competitor and I
enjoyed throwing him around but he stood up to me and I enjoyed that. That new
Performance Centre down there is amazing, the guys coming in there today, they
have all of the tools to succeed, they have everything – perhaps even too much.
I kind of like being in the down and dirty dungeon and scratching my way to the
top but that is an awesome place. Sami Zayn, he is just incredible, Cory Graves
before his injury I thought he was amazing. The Divas division down there in NXT
is probably the best in the world, there is a lot of talented people down there
who will be worth looking out for but those are the two that really stood out
from the crowd for me.”

On Highlights From his Time with WWE: “Easy, wrestling
Edge was one of them, my matches with Heath Slater are some of my all time
favorites, tagging with Santino Marella. I’m just really grateful I got to work
with many great guys like Jack Swagger, Damien Sandow, Dolph Ziggler was one of
my favorite guys to work with – Dolph suplexed me, but it was just a great bunch
of guys to work with.”

On His Future in Wrestling: “TNA and Japan are definitely
things that are on my list, there are also many great indy organizations out
there. Rumor has it Jeff Jarrett also has something going on with his new
promotion Global Force Wrestling, so there are a few different options but I’m
open to offers and my door is always open, I’m definitely not done and I’m going
to keep on working hard. With regards to returning back to WWE, I don’t control
those things but I’m going to treat it like I did last time I was released by
WWE and keep on working hard and moving forward, I will put it behind me and
move onto other things. You can never say never in wrestling, but at the moment
my mind is set on doing my own thing.”

On Vince McMahon as a Boss: “He is the boss, he was a
gentleman, he tells you exactly what he thinks, if he likes it, he tells you
you’ve done a good job, if he doesn’t like something he lets you know about that
as well. I got on really well with the agents there as well, Mike Rotunda, Dave
Finlay, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Jamie Noble, and Road Dogg, it was just
really good getting to work with all of those guys as well, I always respected
the chain of command.”

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