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NewsBron Breakker Is Interested In Making Some Of The Steiners’ Moves His...

Bron Breakker Is Interested In Making Some Of The Steiners’ Moves His Own



Bron Breakker often uses some of his father’s and uncle’s moves on WWE NXT.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Under the Ring” podcast, Breakker commented on his desire to make some of the moves, including the Steiner Recliner and the Frankensteiner his own.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On using The Steiners’ moves: “I had an idea of a few things that I thought was cool, that I would like to do. Another thing, I think it’s just like legacy, there’s things that I want to keep alive that they’ve built, you know, they laid the groundwork for me, they built their brand. It’s just a tip of the cap type of thing. The Frankensteiner, the SteinerLine. I do the Frankensteiner kind of my own way, the move’s the same. I do that with my own flavor. It’s a little bit different something than the way Scotty used to do it.”

On trying to make the use of the moves meaningful: “I make it mean something, and I make it impactful, and that’s how it should be. If I’m gonna use some of their moves or do some of the things that they used to do back in the day, then I better do them right. I think that I’ve done that. I think I’ve put my own spin on a few things that they used to do and kind of make it Bron Breakker’s own.”

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