Bron Breakker Recalls Uncle Scott Steiner Scaring Him On Prom Night


WWE NXT Champion Bron Breakker has said that Scott Steiner would try and scare him during his youth, calling his uncle a “wild man.”

Breakker debuted for WWE last year and is in his second reign as NXT Champion, having dethroned Tommaso Ciampa and Dolph Ziggler.


Speaking to WWE’s German program Die Woche, Breakker recalled Steiner messing with him on prom night.

“Uncle Scotty is a wild man. He’s scared the hell out of me a couple of times. One time, I came over to his house, it was prom or homecoming, I was going to do pictures at his house and I drove up in his Camaro. It was Hulk green. I drove up and had my suit and tie and everything on. I get out and I am hollering for him. He’s nowhere around, and I’m thinking, ‘his garage is open, I’ll go in there and holler and see if he’s in the basement or something.’ I went in, all the lights were off, and he scared the hell out of me. He’s funny.”

Breakker will defend the NXT Championship against Apollo Crews next week at NXT Deadline 2022.

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