Bronson Reed Gives Some High Praise To Rhea Ripley & Her Rise In WWE


During a recent interview with GiveMeSport, WWE NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed commented on Rhea Ripley’s rise in WWE, and more. He said,

“I think the absolute world of Rhea Ripley, she’s an incredible talent, [and] one in a million. I fortunately have been able to see her career even from before coming to WWE because we’re both from the same hometown, Adelaide.

So maybe five, six years into my journey as a local wrestler, she used to be a fan that used to come out and actually watch me. I remember getting to see Rhea Ripley as a young teenage fan in the crowd, to then starting the business and excelling really quickly, like even just on the local stage….everyone knew like, ‘okay, she’s special, she’s going to be something’ then going to WWE and NXT UK [Women’s] Champion, NXT Women’s Champion and now RAW Women’s Champion, like [it’s] amazing.”

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