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Bronson Reed Reveals Whether He Was Hesitant To Leave NJPW To Return To WWE


After being released from WWE due to “budget cuts” in 2021, Bronson Reed headed to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

When Triple H was put in charge of WWE creative, Reed was among those who were hired back under the new regime.


Speaking on the “Out of Character” podcast, the WWE Superstar commented on whether he was hesitant to leave NJPW to return to WWE, having faith in himself, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if he was hesitant to leave NJPW to return to WWE: “No, you know, it is something I weighed up. I did have obviously an offer from them as well as the same time, speaking with Hunter and WWE. And for me, it was the unknown that attracted me so much to WWE. There was so much that I wanted to do in my initial run. And I’d got to NXT, I’d become North American champion, but I never got to be in a Raw or a Smackdown, or do any of the Premium Live Events like a Royal Rumble or WrestleMania, Backlash any of these things.

“So that was that was the big thing that persuaded me is, I wanted to be a part of those things and see how I go. Because I feel like WWE is obviously the Mecca of pro wrestling, but it is also the place where people can either become something really special or they can sort of stay stagnant. And I want to see if I can become special. So that’s why I came back, and already I’ve been on Elimination Chamber [and] Backlash, and I’m gonna keep gunning for more.”

On having faith in himself: “Yeah, I mean, 100% I had that. I think it’s something that probably a lot of pro wrestlers go through whether it’s family, friends, people just thinking, ‘Oh yeah, you’re not gonna get to those peaks that you think about.’ But even more som being from Australia on the other side of the world in a small little town. And now I look at the Australian wrestling scene, and look how many of us are actually doing well here in WWE. It blows my mind, but if there wasn’t people like myself chasing that dream, there wouldn’t be representation for all those people in Australia.

“And yeah, always try to silence those people that said those things, and just keep following my goals. And hopefully after time, things will sort of play out. And they did. I was lucky as well.”

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