Brooke Adams Talks More About Breast Implants And Why She Took Time Off


Brooke Adams posted a follow up on her facebook page about breast surgery and revealed that she had a Capsular contracture on one side and she had a ruptured implant on the other side. This might explain why she’s taken time off from TNA TV.

I’ve got tons of questions to why I decided to have a breast revision. There
are several reason to why, but the most important complications are from
my prior operation. I had a Capsular contracture on one side and on the
other I had a ruptured implant. This is something that I have had for a
very long time. I wasn’t ready to put my wrestling career on hold to go
through another surgery to have them corrected. I felt this was the
perfect time for me to finally fix something that was awful for so long.
Hope I answered your questions

Author link: CM Punk resurfaces (New photo)

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