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NewsBrooke 'Miss Tessmacher' Adams Reveals Her Top Turnoffs In A Relationship

Brooke ‘Miss Tessmacher’ Adams Reveals Her Top Turnoffs In A Relationship



During a recent interview with FHM, former iMPACT! Wrestling “Knockout” Brooke “Miss Tessmacher” Adams revealed her top turnoffs from men trying to get a date with her. Here are some highlights:

No Bone Zone“Doing anything that gives off that whole, ‘Hey, I wanna bang’ hint. I’ve got zero clue where men ever thought this was a good idea. Women aren’t like men. We don’t get turned on because the wind decided to blow. Women like to be touched on the neck, lower back and kissed deeply. Thats how you give a real hint.”

Blowing Up The Phone“Sending me 47,438 texts or calling me every 30 minutes when we aren’t together is not sexy. This is the fastest way to make me want to cheat or leave you. It shows that you’re insecure and that your life stops without me. It also makes me wonder what the hell you’re doing to me, that makes you so crazy about knowing what I’m doing.”

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