​Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams Slams Robbie E. Over Their Relationship, Does She Think Reigns Is “Sexy”?


Jim Ross recently interviewed Brooke Adams for his Ross Report podcast. Below are some highlights:

Adams’ thoughts on the women of NXT: “I can see the NXT girls and those women are bringing it! Jesus! They are unbelievable. I haven’t been that entertained in so long. Like, wow, these girls are insane athletes. They are putting on just five-star matches.”

Adams on how wrestlers dating rarely works out: “Oh my God! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! God, I did that and it’s just not smart. One, you’re both hams. Having two hams that say, ‘me, me, me, me, me, me’ in a relationship, it just doesn’t work. It seems really fun in the beginning. You say, ‘we’re so much alike – we’re both crazy’, but two crazies make it too crazy, so it doesn’t ever work. Just don’t do it.” Adams continued, “and people say, ‘well, look at John Cena and Nikki. Look at Brie and Bryan.’ But those are very rare and who’s to say that they’ll end up staying together, and, I would hope so, and I would hope that, but that’s also rare. Most of the time, it doesn’t happen.”

Adams on wrestlers being attracted to each other’s personas: “I think they fall in love with the idea of it and being around each other and seeing part of a persona that somebody puts off at TV or on the road. And then, when you really get to know that person, that’s not who they are at all. And that’s what happened to me and that what happened to a lot of people that I know who’ve done the same thing and had the same mistakes.”

On her relationship with Robbie E: “It was a very rocky relationship, probably the worst relationship I’ve ever been in, and we left [to film Amazing Race] and we fought a lot on the show,” Adams recalled. “I had just never seen a man act the way that he acted and it was probably the most unattractive thing I’ve ever seen.”

Adams on if she thinks Roman Reigns is sexy: “I hate saying that, but yes. I do think so. There is just something about him, Roman. There’s just, I can’t really describe it. There’s something dark, kind of, mysterious, about him. And that’s what makes him so incredibly attractive. You just want to know more! You just want to know what’s going on in his head.”

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