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Bruce Prichard on Announcing Chris Jericho Signing with WWE Before WCW Contract Expired


WWE executive Bruce Prichard discussed the career of Chris Jericho in the latest episode of his podcast, “Something To Wrestle,” with Conrad Thompson. During the show, Prichard explained why WWE announced Jericho’s signing on a month before his then-deal with WCW expired.

Here’s what he had to say (H/T 411 Mania for the quotes):

“It was more of an experiment of sharing information and the instant gratification with information that was going on at the time with that thing called the internet. So, a lot of it was new. was new, and there was thought of, ‘Look, the other dirt sheets will probably have it out there.

“Why not beat them to the punch and have our website, have that be the main source of information for our audience, instead of going out and finding it elsewhere. So it runs at a happy medium of, ‘It’s gonna get released anyway, we might as well release it ourselves.”

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