Bruce Prichard Calls Goldberg’s First WWE Run A Failed Experiment


Bruce Prichard appeared as on Erich Bischoff’s Bischoff on Wrestling podcast. Below is an excerpt from the interview, where he comments on Goldberg vs. Lesnar’s WrestleMania 20 match.

“It was a failed experiment with Goldberg. Both guys at WrestleMania XX were on their way out. It was one of those situations where we had built to the match. Brock gave us the news that he wanted to leave and try professional football. Bill was unhappy and Bill’s time was coming to an end. It was built up and then it just fizzled. It fizzled. It was horrible. There was a lot of disappointment in that and I think that there was so much anticipation. Even going back to Goldberg’s debut when he came in he came in to work with Rock. After three weeks it just wasn’t there. It wasn’t the same. In that position Rock took every opportunity to shine. I just look at it as kind of a failed experiment when Bill came the for the first time to WWE.”

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