Bruce Prichard Claims Bret Hart Wanted to Beat Owen at WrestleMania 10


During the latest edition of his “Something to Wrestle” podcast with Conrad Thompson, WWE creative team writer Bruce Prichard commented on Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart match at Wrestlemania X (10) and claimed Bret initially wanted to “go over” Owen.

As seen at the pay-per-view event, Owen defeated Bret at the pay-per-view event before Bret went on to beat Yokozuna for the WWF title. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart: “Without a doubt, the greatest opening Wrestlemania match ever. It could have closed the show and not a single person would have been disappointed. That story building up to everything that we did was flawlessly told, but the best part about it was it was the coming out party for Owen Hart, where he showed everybody, ‘I’m a player. I’m a main event guy.’ You couldn’t deny him anymore. And the other funny part about it was, leading into it, Bret thought Bret should have gone over. And that was never the plan. It was like, ‘no, Owen has to beat you. You have to come from underneath. You’re coming from underneath to win the championship at the end of the night.’ And then he was fine once he knew that, but getting into it it was like, ‘holy shit, we’re going with the Hart Attack tour after this in the summer with you and Owen.’ I think that match set the stage better than anything and gave Owen bragging rights. Which we found out later on, you give Owen Hart an inch, he’s gonna take a mile when it comes to whatever you give him. So with him beating Bret, ‘I beat you Bret,’ was the greatest thing that ever happened to him.’

On if they ever considered giving Owen a mouthpiece: “We actually did talk about Jim Cornette. However, there was the feeling that giving Owen a mouthpiece would have taken away from the genuine story between he and Bret. So it was okay. Bret wasn’t a great promo either. But it was okay that Owen wasn’t as good because he was the little brother that thought he was better. Him stuttering and stammering, that made it real. And that made you go, ‘Oh fuck you Owen, you’re not that good.’ We did consider it. We did consider and we talked about it but we thought it would take away from the overall story with Bret and Owen.

{H/t – 411Mania}

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